Eco Fashion and Recycled Purses

Candy Wrapper Purses
October 14, 2009, 6:43 am
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Candy Wrapper Purses

Recycled Purses

Candy wrapper purses started being popular around 2006, but they are now part of a BIG movement regarding current trends called: Eco Fashion

These recycled purses are made from a variety of materials. I have seen them made from newspapers, magazines, coca-cola plastic wraps and of course candy wrapper paper. They are very trendy and at the same time help create jobs, as sense of pride in craftsmanship, and help reduce the amount of waste.

Candy Wrapper Purse

Candy Wrapper Purse

At first, I thought people were either saving or asking other people for candy wrappers or they were getting them from the trash! I am happy to say that the wraps are actually misprinted candy wraps, and therefore you should fear not if you are planning on buying one. Even though they are technically made from “trash” these purses don’t come cheap. Top designer recycled handbags go for hundreds of dollars, while more “simply” designed purses cost between $50 and $100 dollars

They are mainly made in Mexico, where it can take a person one or two days to make a single purse. Regarding their origins, there is a little confusion as to exactly who started making them first. The story I like to tell people is that they were initially made by prisoners that recycled candy wrappers and other materials to make purses. They were made with recreational purposes in mind rather than with the purpose of creating an enterprise. As relatives and other people who knew them became aware of the recycled purses they made in prison, they in turn started to learn the art of making these recycled candy wrapper handbags.

At one point, some entrepreneurial people with designer backgrounds, inspired in this idea, started to make their own stylized version of candy wrapper purses with the aim of making them high fashion.

Candy Wrapper Purse Fashion

Candy Wrapper Purse Fashion

Their popularity has grown such that you can find candy wrapper purses all over the globe at high fashion boutiques in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. You better bring some CASH tough as recycled “trash” won’t come cheap!

Additional Information:

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